Medical Malpractice Law Firm – Don’t Be a Victim Twice Brown, Christie & Green is an experienced medical malpractice law firm representing clients injured or killed in cases involving hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare facilities across the U.S. Contact a medical malpractice lawyer to see how we can help.Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are human beings just like everybody else and hence they make mistakes that can cause serious injuries or death. This is known in legal terms as "medical malpractice" or "medical negligence." Houston medical malpractice attorney at padua law firm will protect your rights to pursue compensation in the event that you are injured as a result of mistakes or negligence on behalf of your doctor, health professional, or hospital.Houston medical malpractice lawyer medical malpractice is the failure of a healthcare professional to uphold an accepted standard of practice. Medical malpractice can have a devastating impact on patients and their families.The Houston law firm of Davis & Davis offers quality, experienced and ethical legal representation to individuals and families in Texas who have suffered from any form of medical malpractice due to a doctor’s negligent mistake.Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Houston, TX. Medical malpractice can be defined as negligence by a healthcare provider during treatment – or lack of treatment – while a patient was under their care. If you believe a physician or facility has been negligent to you or a loved one, our attorney can help you compile a detailed case against the responsible party.We've handled many medical malpractice cases & will apply our experience to thoroughly evaluate your options if you've experienced medical malpractice.The University of Houston wants one by 2019. That includes what medical schools pay to hire faculty as well as costs borne by hospitals to pay for a resident’s salary, benefits and malpractice.Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, TX Richard J. PLezia & Associates is a catastrophic injury and civil litigation trial firm that has distinguished itself both locally and nationally. Created in 2006, Richard J. PLezia, it’s founding member, has practiced since.